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Demons and Kids (Scion)

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Demons and Kids (Scion) Empty Demons and Kids (Scion)

Post by Shadowoof July 3rd 2016, 2:52 pm

"I know what your thinking. And no, no this was not my fault." Marcus looked deep into Lucian's eyes as he spoke those words, her stillness, and slight showing of teeth telling him she did not believe, or did not care. "I didn't Understand them. What do you think I'm going to do? Stay on that desert of a place or take a chance?" He finally said as he waved his hands around, motioning to the boat they were currently aboard. After there misadventure with a plane, Marcus had found himself... Somewhere and took the nearest boat to what he hoped was closer to Chicago but from the distant cold, the covered clouds and the raining snow. He knew where he was going, he was going to Canada... Again.

It had only been a few hours.. maybe half a day senice they left on plane and already he had managed to mess up, this was like the train event for the demon all over again. But hey, it was Canada, people are nice, it's cold and there is snow. And while Marcus didn't exactly feel like letting go and just enjoying himself, he thought to himself that he could have a quick run around, keep the city of saying sorry exactly that. Saying sorry. As the boat arrived at a port of whatever city they were going to, Marcus quietly slipped away into the denizens with Lucian following close behind, he still wondered why Lucien stuck around, she was a hound trained for assassination and killing, not exactly for following around a man turned demon who did nothing but get in one mess and move right on down to the next.  Speaking of Messes, Marcus was hungry. Like really hungry and the cool thing was that he could sneak into any place and have a pick of something and slip out again no problem..

Shaking his head and away any thoughts of heisting anything other then a.. Pizza shop, Marcus began his hunt, scouting the  streets, plaza's, right till he found one, the title not clear but the large glowing pizza sign was a good enough landmark. With a skip in his step, he would make a slow trek towards the entrance, the soft pat on footsteps on snow behind him told him Lucian continued to follow.  "Gonna get me a Meat lovers." Marcus said with a Cheer before hearing a low growl. "Us. I meant us." He would quickly correct for the hell hound as they closed in to the store, the smell of cooked pizza's already stuffing the air.

The characters that my mind decided up because of various reasons easily gotten to for all of you people who like being lazy.

Characters of the wolf:
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