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The Worst Hero You've Never Heard Of. (open)

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The Worst Hero You've Never Heard Of. (open) Empty The Worst Hero You've Never Heard Of. (open)

Post by Dionysus July 2nd 2016, 1:19 pm

It was a beautiful, if entirely too warm, morning in Toronto. The sun rose, bright and golden, on it's way to the top of the sky. An apt metaphor for the new dawn of justice that was approaching, as high above the streets the city's newest hero felt the dawn of her epiphany.

"Oooh, Yeezy and Kanye West are the same person. This album makes way more sense now."
Luna's Metal heels clicked against the side of the building in time with the music as her legs dangled off. She wasn't sure why super heroes always hung out on top of buildings, it seemed dangerous and inconvenient, but if she was going to do something she was going to do it right. Her right hand held her earphone against her head with two fingers as her head bopped back and forth, while her left hand made smooth motions in the air that prompted waves of information to scroll past on her opaque goggles. She had been playing superhero for several days now, and hadn't expected it to take so long to gain notoriety. So far the only mention of her on their primitive internet was a single line about "an unknown vigilante using excessive force against a double parked citizen." Which was flattering, but it didn't even mention her name or have any pictures. She definitely needed a more exciting crime to foil, something that would gather a crowd. Then, as if the universe was bending to her will (Which it usually does) she caught something on the police frequency. Her mouth grew into a wide smile. "A bank robbery? That's classic! All the good heroes stop bank robberies!" Without another word of expository dialogue to herself, she was off.

The sounds of sirens filled the air as Luna roller-skated towards the crime seen. Police were littered around the block, the robbers still inside the bank. She ignored their requests to stop without even trying as she crossed the police line, braking to a slow stop right outside the Equitable Bank. The wheels under her feet neatly folded up into her boots as she stood with her fists pressed to her sides like a proper hero, and suddenly for a moment all the cops' eyes were on the spectacle before them.

Standing under six feet, amidst a sea of flashing lights and sirens, she was still the most noticeable thing in the vicinity. Covered in neck to toe in a shiny metal suit, crossed with line of glowing blue that still shone bright even in the morning sun that bounced off the bright silver plates casting glare in every direction. Where there were gaps in the alloy plates black fabric showed through, the only part of her body not completely covered was her head framed by straight but unkempt blue hair that fell down to just above the middle of her back. Her violet-blue eyes were tinged green from behind her opaque goggles, and those standing close enough could hear the faint thump of bass coming from the large domed headphones rising from the sea of blue hair. "Never fear officers, Lustrous Lass is here!"

Luna was distracting enough, in fact, that the hitherto undiscovered getaway driver decided to use it a chance to make a run for it. A brown ford at the end of the block rocketed off with the squeal of rubber, striking a nearby police officer as it made a beeline for a gap in the line of police cars. Luna could hear shouting but was hardly paying enough attention to make out the words. "Geez, don't freak out guys. I'll just cut the engine." She made two stabs at the air with her left pointer finger, then a swipe and on cue the cars engine died as it was trying to turn. Inertia carried the car sideways, slamming into a police car with a loud crash and nearly flattening an officer that barely got out of the way in time. The driver stumbled holding his head in his hand and yelling some things about surrendering that Luna didn't hear through the beats of My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. She reached a hand behind her back and retrieved a cylindrical object that quickly expanded into a wide-barreled rifle. Luna barely had time to see the panic in the driver's eyes before she pulled the trigger, sending an orb of bluish energy streaking towards him. It flew through the air silently but made a crash as it struck him, flinging him violently against the side of his own vehicle and shattering the glass of nearby windows. Police rushed towards him as he attempted to get up, his arm pressing against the pavement in slow motion as Gegenschein worked its magic and slowed his every movement to a near stop. She turned and smiled at the officers around her...who were pointing guns at her and actually seemed rather angry.

Confused at the officers' reaction, Luna clicked her music off to hear what the rude officer was yelling at her "-OING TO GET THE HOSTAGES KILLED." Luna turned towards the glass doors of the bank to see one of the five robbers pointing a gun at a crying woman's temple. "Eh? Hostages seems like cheating. So unsync dude." She said towards the criminal who could almost certainly not hear her. "Drop the fucking gun! I'll blow her brains out I swear!" The masked man yelled through the door. Luna sighed. "Okay, okay." She said as she bent over and placed the gun on the edge of the sidewalk, barrel angled up at the bank's doors and put both hands in the air palms open. "You're like, welcome by the way." She said to the officer next to her. "Sheesh, you don't have to yell at me. I'll figure this one out in a minute, it'll be fine." She said casually, as if she wasn't in the middle of a tense hostage standoff.

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The Worst Hero You've Never Heard Of. (open) Empty Re: The Worst Hero You've Never Heard Of. (open)

Post by Quinn July 3rd 2016, 8:04 pm

Quinn was lost. Well, actually, she knew exactly where she was, but she didn't exactly know where everything else is. Anyway, Quinn was wandering around the town just doing her own thing, seeing as how the mass of streets was far too confusing for her to navigate her way around. Plus, Madeline would have noticed that she was here already unless she was dumb or something and would find her sooner or later.

It was during her attempt to walk past a bank that she was grabbed by a bunch of guys who were going into the bank, guns out and shouting at everyone to get down. Quinn thought it would be interesting to see how it all plays out and decides to listen instead of just breaking all of her new toys instantly. Of course, they were far too stupid to stop at least one person from pulling the silent alarm, so while they were in the middle of getting their cash the cops rolled up, blocking off their escape. Quinn started to hum a little tune as she waited for something more interesting to happen besides the cops and robbers yelling at each other. She starts to ponder on if she should get involved or not, to force them to take action when a hero rolls up and does a pose. If Quinn had popcorn she would totally be eating it right now.

Of course, the moment that the hero took action was when it all went south, not that Quinn wasn't amused by it anyway. Instead of taking out the getaway car and arresting the driver when he gave up, the hero just shot him again. Of course, the five inside the bank weren't exactly just watching as all of this went down. The leader grabs one of the hostages and threatens to kill her, trying to get everyone to back off. Quinn decides to take action now, since clearly they are horrible at playing, therefore they must be taught. Standing up, she ignores the yells at her to get down and wanders right up to the one threatening the hostage.

"No, that is not how you do it. You have to take action, words are boring. Like this." Quinn reaches over, grabs the man's hand, forces the gun to point at her forehead and has him press the trigger. The bullet makes her head jerk back a little but otherwise she's completely unharmed. "See, is that so hard? So, does anyone want to play with me? It will be fun, I promise!" Quinn giggles a little, waiting to see what they decide to do now that they had someone more fun to play with.
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