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Rose Rhedde (Fleur de Lis)

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Rose Rhedde (Fleur de Lis)

Post by Ultragal on June 6th 2016, 3:41 pm

   "I don't get mad. I get *even*!"

Basic Biography

   Real Name: Rose Rhedde
   Villain Name: Fleur-de-Lis
   Title: None
   Alignment: CN
   Age: 22
   Gender: Female
   Race: Caucasian
   Hair: Auburn (Reddish-Brown AKA Cordovan )
   Eyes:  Icy Green
   Height: 5'6"
   Weight: 105 lbs.
   Blood type: O-

The Looks

"Hourglass" figure.  Wears a "maxi" tulip-like skirt.  The bodice is a  cleavage-hugging deep green velvet that looks like leaves.  Hairstyle & footwear  are usually in the latest fashion "trend"  Her "meta-Villainess" costume is a "domino"-type mask, extra-long gloves (above her elbows) and thigh-high boots all in metallic green. It looks like an opaque unitard (A kind of head-to-toe ballerina leotard, but without the tutu). She wears a headband that looks like a crown of thorns that's a darker green.

The Legacy

Personality: Debutante attitude. Sophisticated and maybe more than a little "jaded" .  Very much a "social butterfly".

History: Rose is the only daughter of the Rhedde family who had three sons before her own birth. She was born with a "metagene".  Her "powers" awakened when she was in middle school(between 6th and 8th grades).  Her Earth Sciences & Ecology teacher sent her on a field trip with some classmates to look for new species of flowers and plants.

When Rose did find a new plant, she handled it a bit too roughly.  The plant had barbed leaves.  The barbs, full of gene-altering compounds, pierced both her hands.  She blacked out from severe blood loss.

Several hours later, about 4:00 AM, Rose awakened in a hospital.  She was in the infectious diseases ward, apparently as a precaution...and all alone in a tiny single-bed room.  She felt better. She knew her blood count was normal again because she'd finally stopped bleeding.

When Rose sat up, there was a clear  glass vase on one of those lap tables used for eating and drinking..  The vase contained an iris and a lily.  But, it wasn't the lovely flowers she saw, it was their internal cellular structure.  W hen she was eventually discharged, she couldn't believe what she had seen! No normal human could see plant and flower cells without special tools for the purpose!

As time passed, Rose researched every possible way to solve the mystery. One day she discovered that not only could she see plant and flower cells, she could manipulate them with her will alone!  Conflict ensued.  What was she?    

22 years old (Today):  Rose Rhedde now calls herself "Fleur de Lis".  After years of trial and error---mostly error---flowers and plants became her weapons of choice. She also has a supply of shiuriken (sp?) shaped like a fleur-de-lis, usually tipped with the "potion" that fulfills her need-of-the-moment.  She can "morph" flower and plant cells into a sleeping potion, for example.  Touching an altered flower 's leaves fills the victim's pores with the sleepiness (a leaf's "veins", like in a maple leaf, naturally store water and the nutrients vital for  growth). "Breaking" the veins, which most often occurs when a leaf is touched even only slightly, causes these vital fluids to flow onto the leaf.  From there, the pores absorb the stuff.

Fleur-de-Lis has a sort of mobile "social club".  (It looks like that huge truck in the cancelled TV show "Knight Rider".  It served as a mobile garage for KITT, the car in the show. YouTube probably has an image of it.  The difference is that Rose's truck (with a double-wide chassis ) has a fleur-de-lis symbol instead of the "knight" chess piece.)  She fills it with her altered flowers and the usual amenities of an "exclusive (very *expensive*)" club setting.  She "acquired" the vehicle illegally.  Woe unto the rich, famous, diplomatic and even royal "normal" persons who touch those flowers...

The Powers and Weaknesses


Cellular manipulation: Manipulating plant and flower cells by sheer will. For example, she can enhance  a poppy's seeds (heroin is derived from poppies) to produce an even stronger "high". Whoever inhales or "shoots up"  as little as 1/2 an ounce of that poppy seed's powder (the base ingredient in heroin) might end up either comatose or dead.

Phyto-alchemy: She uses a scalpel-size thorn to extract  a single plant/flower cell by finding the specific cell she needs (I don't think humans can do that?).  She concentrates it into a kind of essence (think of a very expensive liquid perfume).  The essence is mixed into a potion (e.g. a "deep sleep" potion).  The potion is applied to the tip of her fleur-de-lis shaped shiuriken (sp?).  A normal human struck by it would be deeply asleep for 72 hours.  Metas, aliens, AIs (e.g. robots) and paranormal/supernatural beings are immune to all of her  potions.


Weak vs. Cold: Her morphed flowers and plants will die from cold and cold-like powers.  Fleur herself can't focus her will if she feels cold.

Meta/inorganic/inanimate /advanced technology (like the  robots mentioned above)/extraterrestrial Fortitude: All of these beings aren't affected by any of Fleur's potions as they tend to have very high fortitude. 

RP Mechanics:

Social graces: She's a sophisticated debutante...and wields that quality expertly.


[b]Fleur-de-lis shaped shiuriken (sp?)[b]

 Physical Priority
 Agility 1
 Endurance 4
 Reaction 1
 Strength 4

Last edited by Ultragal on June 21st 2016, 4:38 pm; edited 5 times in total (Reason for editing : Wrote a clearer explanation of plant/flower cell manipulation.)

Quote : "To be good, kind, and fair will always triumph over evil, being ruthless/cruel, and being a tyrant/dictator."

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Re: Rose Rhedde (Fleur de Lis)

Post by Hyperion on June 21st 2016, 4:08 pm

You'll need to explain the cellular manipulation of plants a bit more.

Shael Atterrius

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Re: Rose Rhedde (Fleur de Lis)

Post by Hyperion on June 22nd 2016, 5:26 pm

Approved until stated otherwise

Shael Atterrius

Quote : "Insert Quote from Character Here" or etc.

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