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Agent Avery

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Agent Avery Empty Agent Avery

Post by Killer Bee May 16th 2016, 12:57 am

Alistair Avery

Basic Biography

Real Name: Alistair Avery
Renegade/Hero/Villain Name:  
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Age: 30
Gender: Male
Race: Metahuman
Hair: brown
Eyes: Brown with hints of neon purple when in direct lighting.
Height: 6' 3"
Weight: 235lbs
Blood type: N/A

The Looks

Agent Avery WzrxCWB
Alistair is the very definition of a human being at peak physical fitness, with a muscular build, imposing height, and athletic frame. Alistair served as an agent of the CIA for a large majority of his life, as a result of his vigorous training regiment, Alistair has the physique of a world class athlete. Alistair's Long in length and usually tied back in a neat ponytail. Alistair’s hair is dark brown, but possesses hits of purple in certain lighting. Alistair’s skin is very pale, as if all the blood in his body has been drained from his corpse, this is merely a side effect of Alistair’s new found mutation. Alistair’s eyes are a deep brown color, but shine with a hint of neon purple when catching light. Alistair also has a scar that runs across the bridge of his nose.

Alistair tends to cover himself head to toe, so that no part of his body is exposed, only out of fear of his new found power, and what all it’s cost him. To that end, he will wear standard Agency attire, with the addition of a face mask that covers his whole had, and a pair of special black gloves.  

The Legacy

Before his life altering accident, Alistair by all accounts was a calm and thoughtful individual often putting the needs of others above his own, with this also came a strong sense of duty, and devotion to protecting those around him, it was these traits that made him a prime candidate for the Agency. Ever since the accident and events that followed, Alistair’s calm and charming demeanor has all but diminished, leaving behind a shallow husk devoid of much emotion. The Alistair of today is a cold and callus individual. He is very strict and short, and cares little for small talk. All that aside, there is still a little of his old self in him, its just not as prevalent as it once was.


Alistair’s childhood and early life were completely average, he had loving and caring parents, that worked everyday jobs to maintain a relatively comfortable home. This overly safe and boring style of living wasn’t something that sat well with Alistair, he was an adventurous child that wanted to get out and see the world, one that was filled with super powered people that made extraordinary things happen on a daily basis. It was because of his ambitious nature, and all around boring upbringing that prompted Alistair to enlist in the military straight out of high school.

During his time in the military, Alistair proved himself time and time again, his dedication and overall willingness to go above and beyond what was required of him, made him stand out in a sea of potential candidates for a special program the military had been working on since the early 70’s. The programs purpose was to be able to create and produce enhanced humans that could be used to combat the growing metahuman threat. Being the adventure seeker that Alistair was, he gladly accepted the idea of being placed into this program when it was offered to him. After several months of experimentation and being locked away in some secret facility, Alistair was ready to be released into the wild. He was sent out on several ‘test’ missions to ensure that all the time and effort that was used on him, was not in vein. Having perfected their craft several years prior to Alistair’s recruitment, everything went off without a hitch and he was latter recruited into the Agency, where his new abilities could be put to better use.

With his newfound abilities Alistair became very effective in tracking down and capturing rogue metahumans. With his training and skills, he simply overpowered and overwhelmed many of the metas he was sent after. Alistair took pride in what he did, to him, what he was doing would only help make the world a safer place. Eventually Alistair’s appetite for adventure and ambitious nature lead to him requesting tougher jobs, and this would ultimately lead to what he has become today. Alistair’s requests would be met, and he would later be assigned to bring in some of the tougher metahumans. Alistair continued to prove himself and was considered to be one of the programs greatest successes.

One faithful day Alistair was assigned to bring in a metahuman, that had built himself a fortress in the Middle East, where he operated as a terrorist. Alistair was dropped right in the middle of the lion’s den, and made short work of the meta terrorists henchmen, but when the leader presented himself, Alistair proved to be vastly unprepared for the fight and was for once on the receiving end of an overwhelming onslaught which led to his capture. While imprisoned, Alistair was subjected to several experiments, it turned out the meta he had been sent to eliminate was an original creation of the program that had given Alistair his powers. The meta was determined to find a way to turn everyone on the planet into a meta regardless if they carried the genes or not, and Alistair was just one of many poor souls subjected to the cruel experimentation.

After months in the terrorist’s stronghold, Alistair had devised a plan to escape. All seemed to be going according to his plan until he was confronted by the leader. Once more the two threw down, only this time Alistair had somehow managed to match the man blow for blow, it turned out that this was all just a ruse as the terrorist meta had been pulling his punches and buying himself time. The meta overpowered Alistair and severely injured him, leaving Alistair a broken mess, gasping for air on the ground. The leader then explained why Alistair was able to escape and explained that he knew the government was going to be infiltrating the fortress soon, and so he had moved all his personnel and test subjects to another facility. He told Alistair how he had set up an elaborate trap and how Alistair was going to play the bait.

The terrorist leader then left and shortly after a small team had infiltrated the fortress and made their way to a large open room where Alistair had been. The small team retrieved Alistair who at the time was unconscious, but later woke up when they had just barely reached the outside of the facility. They were traveling through a small village just outside the compound when Alistair finally came to. He frantically scrambled to free himself from the gurney he was strapped to, all the while yelling at the top of his lungs about how everyone was in danger and that he needed to be released immediately, but his pleas would fall on deaf ears. Just as the convoy reached the center of town, a bomb hidden in Alistair’s chest cavity went off, the resulting blast was powerful enough to vaporize everything within a 100 mile radius.

It’s unknown if the bomb triggered something latent within Alistair, or if the experimentation by the terrorist meta had worked, but several months after the failed rescue, Alistair seemed to just reappear out of thin air at his home back in the US. He had no explanation for why he was suddenly back amongst the living, but it didn’t matter, he was home, and the first thing he wanted to do was see his loving wife. The two stared at each other, at a loss for words, Alistair’s appearance had changed, but his wife didn’t care how he looked, she was just happy to have him back and without hesitation embraced him. Alistair was so caught up in the emotions of the moment that he didn’t even hear his wife gasping for air as the very life was drained from her and transferred to her husband.

Alistair quickly released his wife before any permanent damage could be done, but he was horrified by what he had done, what he almost did. He quickly left his home, and contacted the agency, hoping that his former comrades could figure out what was wrong with him, and possible cure him. It was later discovered that somehow Alistair’s DNA had mutated and turned him into a meta. The horror of almost killing his wife, and knowing that he was now essentially never going to be able to hold her in his arms again, he swore he would get revenge, and decided to go back to work, using his new found curse to apprehend and exterminate rogue metas and anyone who deserved to be punished.

The Powers and Weaknesses


Power 1: Advanced Photographic Reflexes & Memory- Alistair has the ability to absorb knowledge instantaneously. This ability is linked to his muscle memory, allowing Alistair to instantly replicate the physical movement of peak-level humans. Using these "photographic reflexes", he is highly skilled in various forms of combat, as an exceptional martial artist, a skilled swordsman, a deadly accurate marksman, as well as displaying a strenuously honed athletic ability. Once Alistair has mastered an opponent's physical movements, he can then predict his opponent's next attack.
This also extends to any book or bit of information Alistair exposes himself, which has lead to him amassing a genius level intellect. Alistair is able to read a book from cover to cover and remember all of its contents, as well as and research he does on a computer, or in this case the research notes he stole from Project Perfection.
By viewing a video in fast-forward, Jack can learn to replicate human movement at above superhuman level speed.

Power 2: Superhuman Durability- After Alistair’s return from his supposed death, he has acquired superhuman durability. His body is extremely hard to damage as it possesses the same strength as reinforced titanium. Alistair’s reinforced body is capable of walking through fire, being struck by lightning, withstanding the impact of a tank round, and is impervious to being pierced by standard metal bullets and blades.

Power 3: decaying touch- Alistair is capable of absorbing the life force out of any and all living things and organic things(player permission required.). This extends to him being able to rapidly decay anything he can get his hands on. In the event that he is not able to absorb the life force from a person, his touch will instead induce a feeling of fatigue, which will grow stronger the longer he maintains contact, or through repeated contact.

Power 4: Ghost Walking- Alistair’s body underwent a very unique transformation after the explosion and as a result he is able to shift his body into a mist like state which allows him to avoid any and all attacks while in this form, and even allows him to phase through solid objects.

Power 5: Undying- Its unknown if this occurred as a result of the bomb that took his life, the experimentation done on him by the terrorist meta, or a combination of the two, But Alistair’s body is now stuck in a state of death and reanimation, granting him an inhuman healing factor. Alistair is able to heal minor wounds in mere seconds, and potentially lethal injuries in a few hours. This extends to repairing damaged internal organs or even lost limbs and even going so far as to bring him back from the dead as well.


Weakness 1: You can’t hit me, then again, I can’t hit you either- While Ghost walking, Alistair is unable to attack or interact with things around him, until he returns to his solid state. Alistair is also unable to turn himself or a part of himself solid while in another object.

Weakness 2: I don’t do cold- Being exposed to extreme cold will slow down Alistair’s inhuman healing factor, reducing it to that of a normal humans for the time that he exposed to such conditions.

Weakness 3: Not impervious to everything- Magic attacks have the ability to completely bypass Alistair’s superhuman durability, causing him to suffer the full effects of any magical attack thrown at him.

Weakness 4: Direct Contact- In order for Alistair to drain the life out of a person he requires skin on skin contact, therefore his power is rendered useless against individuals that wear full body suits of any kind.

Weakness 5: I don’t do cold mk.II- Aside from extreme cold hindering his healing factor, Alistair is unable to take on his mist form while exposed to the same kind of extreme cold.

RP Mechanics

RP Mechanic(s):
Master Hand to Hand combatant
World Class sharp shooter with any ranged weapon
World Class athlete
Genius level intellect
Impervious to pain
Longevity leading to Alistair appearing and feeling younger than his actual age  
Alistair’s accelerated healing can repair even the most severe of wounds, which in turn could lead to him resurrecting after death (this can only occur after a topic has concluded in which Jack has died.)

-.50 caliber Desert eagle x2
-m4 a1 assault rifle (includes holographic sight, laser, forward grip, under slung shot gun and grenade launcher.)
-m21 sniper rifle
-combat knife
-large machete
Light Casters: Through a bit of an engineering miracle, Alistair has created a pair of custom pistols that are capable of firing highly condensed, solidified light. These pistols pack one hell of a punch, granting them enough stopping power to pierce through reinforced ten inch thick steel.

    Weakness: Instead of running on individual ammo, the Light Casters run off of a highly sophisticated cylinder that enables the solidification of the light projected from the gun. Because of this the guns can only fire off about 5 rounds before needing to cool down (3 posts after overheating). In addition to this, Alistair does not carry an spare cylinders on him, meaning if either or both of the cylinders are damaged in a gun fight their unusable till he can replace the cylinders.

Agency Glasses: A pair of high tech shades that have an array of built in sensors and HUD that provide Alistair with information on the fly. These specially designed shades allow Alistair to scan subjects to determine if they have the meta gene, and can even cross reference their face with the Agency’s database to provide further information that might prove useful.

    Weakness: The shades are capable of being knocked offline by emps, causing them to lose their utility temporarily.

Agent Avery Hc96LQ6
Protective Bodysuit: There is nothing fancy about this bodysuit that Alistair has crafted for himself. It contains Kevlar plating in various areas including the chest, head, forearms and shins. The suit was designed to prevent Alistair from unintentionally using his powers on an ally or an innocent. The only benefit this suit truly provides to Alistair is that the mask has a built in respirator capable of filtering out poisonous gasses, and the goggles have a built in version of his Agency glasses.

    [b]Weakness: Just like his Agency glasses, The goggles on his suit can be knocked offline by EMP’s. In this case, Alistair must remove his whole helmet in order to see.

Physical Priority
Agility 3
Endurance 1
Reaction 2
Strength 4

The Characters
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Agent Avery Empty Re: Agent Avery

Post by Red May 16th 2016, 1:11 pm

First of all, if this is an Agency character you will need to speak with Zell or Throgron as they are the guys that pretty much handle that stuff.

Second of all, straight up metahumans like this are not going to be Agents. They would be shackled at best. So, contact Zell or Thor and maybe we can straighten this out. But as of now i can't approve this without both of them. Agents are usally human or enhanced by some technology, but total metahumans are never accepted.


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Agent Avery Empty Re: Agent Avery

Post by Alpha May 18th 2016, 1:58 am


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