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The Barbarian

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The Barbarian Empty The Barbarian

Post by NightChief May 14th 2016, 11:41 am

The Barbarian

"When people see me killing, they think of me as a monster that can't love. If they only knew that I'm doing it only to love again"- The Barbarian

Basic Biography:
Real Name: Solomon Kent
Villain Name: The Barbarian
Title: The Judge of Souls
Alignment: Chaotic Evil - Villain
Age: 45
Gender: Male
Race: Super Martian Soldier
Hair: White and Short hair
Eyes: Black
Height: 2,5 meters
Weight:201 pounds
Blood Type: O+

The Looks:
Out of Suit:
The Barbarian Alfred_Penyworth_82907
In Suit/Armor:
The Barbarian Halo_4___master_chief__john_117__by_lopez_the_heavy-d5lunbo
The Legacy:
Personality: Solomon is a cold man, he does not feel any kind of empathy for anyone he kills. He is lonely and sad, always acting passionately. He usually gets angry with jokes and sarcasm. He is a honored man and he is willing to do anything to reach his main goal. Although he prefers to work alone, he is more powerful with a team. He is Chaotic Evil. He is a selfish person and he is an impatient and angry person.
History: Solomon Kent was a martian, which are very similar to humans. He was a regular person to our standards, until he was kidnapped from his home and taken to a military lab. He was 19 human years old when that happened. He fought for his freedom, but it led to nothing. In this martian military lab, there were lots of Martians just like Solomon, fighting to get out of there. They started doing experiments on them, in order to turn them into Super Martian Soldiers. After a long period of experiments, the only two that survived and succeded in the Super-Soldiers program were Solomon and a woman called Anna. She was the ultimate marksman, she was faster than a bullet and killed thousands in some minutes. Soloman was the ultimate barbarian, with his fists he could punch a hole in a steel building and his armor amplifies this power with extreme invunerability. Together, they were unbeatable. They fought many wars together, they had never lost one battle. They were pretty much like brothers, their teamwork was just fantastic. But not all dreams live forever. Humans from Earth decided that Mars would be their newest colony, so they started a war against Mars, taking all superhumans with them. It was a long war, but the Martians were winning because of their two Super-Soldiers. In the "final battle" between humans and martians, the humans brought different kinds of superhumans. Instead of bringing superhumans with super strenght, super speed or telepathy, they decided to bring magicians, hackers and electric superhumans. The first thing they did was to take down Solomon and Anna. The Magicians sucked Anna's soul out of her body and cracked it in two. After this, Solomon was destroyed psychologically. He got possesed by rage and killed everyone on that battelfield, without any kind of mercy, not even for his fellow Martians. After some time, he was the only one left alive in the battlefield, he kept holding Anna's body, crying over it. He seeked help of a Martian scientist, which said that he could only rebuild her soul using a Soul Retriever Device (SRD). This device would take the soul of a dead living being with a soul and would use it to fill a part of Anna's soul. To rebuild her soul and revive her, he must kill 7 billions of living beings with soul. He was banished from Mars and he went to Earth, where he started his killing spree. He doesn't feel any kind of empathy for the people he is killing, he just wants to revive the woman he loved.
Power 1: Super Strength - Without his armor he has a Captain America level of strength, that means he can punch hard, enough to punch a little hole through a wall, but not enough to punch a hole in the building. With his armor, he is a match up even for Superman! That means that he can punch a hole trough a building and his fists feel like pure steel.
Weakness 1: Eletricity- Any kind of electric attacks can take him and his suit to the ground. He is pretty vulnerable to Electrokinesis, his armor already generates a lot of energy, more energy will result in an overload of energy, which will result in a sudden deactivation of the machine. Without his armor, Electrokinesis can be a less bloody way to take him down.
Power 2: Physical Invunerability - His armor makes him invulnerable to bullets, bombs and strenght attacks. All of these kinds of physical attacks will not make a scratch on his armor, but without his armor, it can be really bloody and painful to the character.
Weakness 2: "Non-physical" vulnerability - Although he can resist to bullets, bombs and super strength/strength, his armor is pretty vulnerable to Magic, Hacks, different kinds of gases and Electrokinesis. Any kind of Magic can tear the armor apart pretty quickly (but without the suit, he can resist a lot against magic), hackers with knowledge about Martian decryption can hack into the armor's system and turn it off. Gases inserted in the armor's breathing system can take him down from the inside.
RP Mechanics: He often feels a temptation to do the right thing and he misses the old days of working with a team. He's also willing to make the humans kill themselves, by indirectly causing wars, countries bankrupcy, civil wars and natural resources crisis. He has minimum knowledge of Martian decryption and computer programming.
Item 1: Soul Retriever Device (SRD) - a device created to capture the souls of dead people, while every soul captured fills a part of Solomons's collegue broken soul. It can't be used for other purposes.
Item 1 Weakness: This SRD can't be deactivated by Solomon, it can be only be deactivated through magic and hacking. Item 2: Ultimate Martian Military Armor - it is the armor, which can amplify the power given to Solomon in the super-soldiers process. It amplifies his strength  
Item 2 Weakness: As I said previously, it can be taken down  by magic, hacking, gases and Electrokinesis.
Pyhsical Priority:
Strength: 1
Reaction: 2
Endurance: 3
Agility: 4

Status :

Quote : "When people see me killing, they think of me as a monster that can't love. If they only knew that I'm doing this killing spree only to love again"- The Barbarian

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The Barbarian Empty Re: The Barbarian

Post by Hyperion July 9th 2016, 5:49 pm


Shael Atterrius
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