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The Gunsmith

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The Gunsmith Empty The Gunsmith

Post by thegunsmith May 12th 2016, 3:44 am

The Blue Bullet

Basic Biography

Real Name: Alisha Finch
Hero Name: Gunsmith
Title: The Blue Bullet
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Age: 26
Gender: Female
Race: Metahuman
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 133lbs
Blood type: O-

The Looks

Out Of Costume
The Gunsmith 13077210

In Costume:
The Gunsmith Eb9b5210

The Legacy

Personality: Alisha is in one word brave. living in a world among super humans that can level cities, she has learned the value of courage to its fullest extent.
She is also loyal to those she opens up to, perhaps to a fault. However to those she closes off, she will appear as cold and uncaring. She cares more about helping out the little guy than saving the world, but secretly she has always wanted to be a super hero. Upon moving to New York after the destruction it faced she was moved to start a career in crime fighting seeing the sacrifices certain flame heroes had made. When it comes to likes and dislikes, there appears to be significantly more in the latter category, but she truly has a big heart. She loves creating things, mostly weapons and robotics. She loves seeing criminals face justice. She also loves
her friends dearly. Behind the mask the woman is great at blending in and acting the part. However, if the right person comes along, and she truly opens up...
she is a sweet woman.

History: This tale starts not at the beginning, but at the end. Our dear heroine patrolling the city streets from the rooftops, wondering how on Earth she ended up in the Big Apple, chasing low life gangsters and super powered hoodlums alike. It began in so many places. The first was when she used to watch Rosy Rivetguns on the TV as a child, astounded and amazed at every daring entrance and act of do-goodery the wrench wielding wench accomplished. Alisha marveled at the seemingly endless array of tools and gadgetry that her idol possessed and could pull out at need (even if some of them were quite frankly ridiculous). That would be the first place to begin. Of course, discovering that she herself possessed the abilities to emulate her childhood heroine was a big leap from the girl who merely desired to go to MIT, maybe get an office job and laze her way through life until settling down with a moderately wealthy older gentlemen. Possibly an Italian.
The day she realized that she could put together a high powered sniper rifle using only kitchen appliances and a radish would definitely be called a turning point, if not another beginning. From there she tinkered, and tinkered, and tinkered some more until her crude design surpassed even the most advanced modern weaponry. To what end? There was none. She just wanted to see if she could. It wasn't until later that it clicked in her head. She could be a hero, nay, a superhero. Of course things weren't all trophies and tulips for the girl with the rifle. Her first attempt at stopping a bank robber ended with three dead bodies and a radish planted firmly through a fourth man's skull. This experience jaded Alisha and caused her to take a significantly less classic approach to heroism. Now instead of leaping down to confront the ne'er-do-well, she'll sit several buildings away and plant a bullet through their shins, then leave her sights trained on them until cops arrive (or she gets bored and just finishes the job). Ah, but how do the villains and vigilantes know this to be the work of anything other than a mad gunman with a penchant for popping knees? Why, she leaves a calling card in the form of a stylized G/S painted crudely on her sniping perch. Someone has to put the pieces together eventually.... Right?

The Powers and Weaknesses


Power 1: Master Mind - Alisha is one of the brightest minds of our time and is an expert at creating theoretical technologies and has invented or improved a wide variety of gadgets for herself to use in fighting crime.

Power 2: Eye of The Mind - Alisha was born with an innate ability to sense the "right" way of things, aiding her in her inventing and allowing her to effectively combat threats normally impossible to tackle for one such as herself.
(Example: If given three routes to take left, right, or backwards. Her mind will calculate the best chance of survival.)


Weakness 1: Human Body. While her mind is super, her body is not.

Weakness 2: Magic interferes with her eye of the mind ability.

RP Mechanics

RP Mechanic(s):


Anti-Meta SMG: A high powered submachine gun loaded with "dimensional rift" ammunition that tears through dimensional barriers in order to arrive at their target faster than previously thought possible as well as make unexpected course adjustments mid flight. (max amount of "shifts" per attack is 1)

Weakness: As a gun, it requires reloading and in spite of their unique delivery system, the bullets are still subject to the laws of physics upon re-entry into our dimension.

Mk-7 Space annihilator/"Tesla": Gunsmith's go-to weapon for long range engagements against hardened targets, the Tesla functions on a two point system. The first is the targeting using an x-ray scope and a nearly invisible laser that determines the point of impact. The second stage involves everything within a three foot radius around the barrel up to that point being moved to another dimension in order to ensure that the shot is not intercepted. Once the shot is fired it moves unimpeded by space or gravity in the instant before atmosphere returns to the affected space.

Weakness: The weapon has a charge up time of one post and is limited to a single shot before cooling down (another post).

Nanomolecular composite blade: A shortsword composed of programmable matter that acts like a chainsaw when activated, capable of reforming itself in the event of being broken.

Weakness: Gunsmith's relatively lacking swordsmanship restricts her ability to use this weapon to its full potential.

Mk-3 anti-metahuman weapon system/"Poleaxe": A modular assault rifle with rounds specially designed to deal with durable metahumans and armored targets, the standard ammunition shreds space in order to better pierce through hardened targets. Alternate ammunition includes explosive rounds, "poppers" (rounds designed to emit electrical bursts on contact), and "octopus" (rounds containing a sticky ink like substance that painfully contracts any flesh it touches), and rubber bullets. In addition, due to its modular design, the Poleaxe can mount different attachments to modify its functionality on the fly. (Grenade launcher, shotgun, marksman rifle, etc.)

Weakness: Aside from the standard issue of having to reload, the weapon cannot be fired full auto due to the high recoil. In addition, the weapon will overheat if used too often.

Mk-1 Robotic assailant/"Trench Spike": A series of small robotic drones utilizing space shifting technology to float. Each of these drones has a powerful cutting laser embedded in its optical emitter as well as a powerful self-destruct and a tractor beam capable of carrying 15lbs. Gunsmith usually keeps ten to fifteen on her person, though she can only effectively control five at a time. The drones utilize a prototype AI network that is able to allocate tasks independently between platforms, allowing the drones to use incredibly complex maneuvers when they're near Gunsmith, but causing them to become less and less intelligent the farther they go from her and each other.

Weakness: Incredibly fragile and can't operate beyond 50 meters away from Gunsmith with any measure of intelligence beyond "shoot anything that moves".

Mk-3 Robotic Assistant/"Trash": A modified Mk-1 drone with a personality matrix embedded, its weapons upgraded, and more armoring at the cost of losing its ability to network with its less advanced brethren or go farther than 5 meters from Gunsmith unless given a very specific task (I.E. deliver a message).

Weakness: No network capability, unable to go beyond 5 meters from Gunsmith without a directive, chatty.

Shrink gauntlet: A device embedded in Gunsmith's gauntlets that allows her to shrink and unshrink any object or person exposed to a unique particle coating. She mostly uses this to transport her arsenal of weapons without arousing suspicion.

Weakness: The particle coating can only be applied inside a large chamber contained within her laboratory.

Remote computer matrix: A high powered computer embedded through Gunsmith's suit allows her to interface with any computer system she can access. This is primarily used to access and control the Talon's main computer as well as the O.W.L.

Weakness: This acts almost exclusively as a remote terminal and doesn't augment her hacking abilities.

Physical Priority
(You are to put these physical attributes in order from 1 to 4. 1 is the highest priority, 4 is the lowest.)
Agility 1
Endurance 4
Reaction 2
Strength 3

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The Gunsmith Empty Re: The Gunsmith

Post by Atlas May 12th 2016, 4:01 am

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