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Nu's Advancements

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Nu's Advancements Empty Nu's Advancements

Post by Dubloon May 10th 2016, 5:49 pm

Item/Character Advancement Name: Beware of the Sentinel Prime! The Embodiment of Death and Life!

Item/Character Advancement Description:
Embodiments are transformations unique to Overseers. When tapping into these forms, Overseers are able to boost their overall physical capabilities as well as augment the behavior of existing powers. Nu is no different in this case.
Throughout Nu’s Short life she has been passively absorbing, generating and accumulating all the energy around her, as well as the cosmic energy of stars and planets near and far. Little by little this energy has been incubating within her body, growing in power and strength with each passing moment, completely unchecked and untrained. Nu has no idea this side of her exists and therefore has never properly wielded or used them conscientiously.

When this power is unleashed, Nu goes from being a quiet kindhearted and naive individual, to a full-blown berserker. The initial transformation unleashes a superheated wave of energy out in all directions with a thirty foot radius. Nu’s eyes lose their iris’ and pupils and instead glow a hot white. Nu will also gain a pair of small wings made of this raw energy, that take on the appearance of burning wings and the tips of Nu’s hair will seem to be embered.

Advancement Power(s):

Power 1: The Embodiment of Death- When Nu is put in a situation of great distress or danger, The immense stored up power boils over, unleashing all the accumulated energy throughout Nu’s body, causing her to unintentionally transform into her embodiment. This sudden surge of power is more than the young girl can control and she becomes consumed by it, giving birth to a more savage and berserk Nu. With all the power no longer being held back, Nu becomes a mindless berserker, with untold power and frightening new abilities far beyond anything she or anyone else thought she was capable of. When all of the pent up energy surges through Nu’s body, and transforms her, one of the many side effects in a massive boost to her existing powers, raising them to extreme levels. This results in a 50x boost to her existing physical capabilities, namely her strength, durability, and speed.

    Augment 1: Cosmic Psion- While the young girls telekinetic abilities were already impressive in their own right, they pale in comparison to how powerful they are once augmented by all the built up energy now surging through her body. Where Nu could lift a couple hundred tons with her mind in her normal state, she can lift upwards of 100,000 tons. The crushing force exerted by her telekinesis in this elevated state has the same power as her telekinetic blasts and physical attacks, which are each respectively able to pulverize the must durable of materials. The young girl is easily capable of reducing an entire aircraft carrier to scrap metal in this state.  

    All of Nu’s telekinetic constructs become infused with cosmic fire while in this state, giving them the bonus effect of being able to inflict intense burns upon contact. The superheated constructs are even able to pierce/melt some of the world’s toughest metals like a hot knife through butter. Much like her telekinetic constructs, Nu’s telekinetic attacks become infused with cosmic fire as well, granting them the same properties. The impact of these telekinetic blasts is also lifted to astronomical levels.

    Since Nu becomes a berserker in this form, she primarily focuses on keeping herself completely harm free and will attempt to do so by forming a molten shield around herself that with sear anything it comes in contact with. The heat of this shield is so intense it can melt bullets or most metals up to three feet away.

    Augment 2: Unparalleled Telepath- While in her normal state Nu possess acute telepathy, which only shuts her off completely from having her mind invaded, this is not the case however when she transforms. While in this ‘berserker’ mode, Nu’s acute telepathy becomes incredibly boosted. This allows her to control and invade the minds of others at will (PC permission required). When invading the mind of another or attempting to control someone, they will experience a slight burning sensation in the head. Nu will also use this to induce paranoia and fear in her foes if given the chance.

Ability 2: Cosmic Fire Manipulation- The very source of Nu’s hidden power comes from the energy she had passively absorbed and is constantly generating throughout her life. This has granted transformed Nu the ability to manipulate, create, and shape cosmic fire from the depths of deep space, from celestial objects such as the stars in and out of our solar system. These flames can burn in space, and thus, have no need of the consumption of oxygen.

Ability 3: Portal Construction- By exerting her immense power, Nu is able to fold areas of space back onto themselves resulting in the creation of a small portal capable of swallowing projectiles or even people and then transporting them to another point in the immediate vicinity.

The following are Passive abilities Nu has thanks to the Overseer DNA used to create her.

Power 1: Fire and Energy Absorption and Manipulation- The source of Nu’s latent and ever growing power is her passive ability of absorbing the energy around her little by little as well as generating energy in her own body thanks to the Overseer DNA flowing through her. Nu has the capacity to access this energy at any point and manipulate and bend it to her will. She can use this energy in various ways such as forming constructs and barriers, which is partly how she’s able to do a similar thing with her telekinetic abilities. Nu could also unleash this energy in the form of projectiles that vary in size and strength, as well as unleashing it in a concentrated torrent of war power. Because Nu has no idea this side of her powers exist, she is unaware of how to draw upon this latent energy within her, that is unless she loses control and enters into her Embodiment form. In addition to this, she is able to completely absorb any and all fire or energy related attack directed at her, and grants her full immunity to both elements.

Power 2: Overseer Durability- As an Overseer, or at least part one, Nu’s entire body including her skeleton is built to withstand a lot of punishment and therefore is incredibly durable and tough. Nu’s skin possesses a degree of toughness that allows her to withstand a large variety of harmful attacks. Nu’s skin is though enough to withstand explosions and extreme temperatures and beatings from other powerful individuals.

Item/Character Advancement Weakness(es):

Weakness 1: I’m not the kind little mute that you know and love- When Nu’s transformation is triggered she enters a state of endless rage which is usually directed at whoever triggered the transformation in the first place. That being said, Nu is unable to distinguish friend from foe while in this state and will lash out at anyone and everyone until the transformation wears off. This blind rage causes Nu to become a danger to herself, her allies and all those around her.

Weakness 2: Fire is still fire- Though the flames Nu wields are cosmic in origin and capable of burning in a vacuum, they are still just flames and can be extinguished or dampened by being doused with fire.

Weakness 3: Lack of conditioning- Though Nu’s physiology is composed of Overseer DNA, alien DNA and a super soldier serum that course through her veins, this transformation puts a tremendous amount of strain on the young girls body. Nu is only able to withstand the stress of that much power coursing through her body and will eventually be forced out of her enraged state (after 10 posts). When Nu is returned to normal, her body goes into a state of shock so to speak, and she loses all her super strength and reflexes for a short duration (5 posts).

Weakness 4: How do you transport something like that?- Nu’s portals are incapable of absorbing or teleporting any magical attacks and if she attempts to try, the attacks will go right through the portal and hit her.

Weakness 5: You would think all this heat would keep me warm- When exposed to extreme cold, Nu’s time in her transformation is cut short and she can be forced out of her berserker state early if exposed to the cold long enough. (when exposed to the cold, the duration of Nu’s transformation will be reduced by 1 extra post each post.)

Weakness 6: Too many ingredients spoil the soup- While Overseer’s are highly resistant to being harmed by a large variety of sources, Nu suffers as she also possesses the DNA of another alien race. This race has an aversion to magic, and as such, Nu’s durability has a hard time protecting her from harm when hit by magical attacks and spells.

Item/Character Advancement Price: 15

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Nu's Advancements Empty Re: Nu's Advancements

Post by Hyperion May 10th 2016, 7:41 pm


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Nu's Advancements Empty Re: Nu's Advancements

Post by Chellizard January 29th 2021, 10:17 pm

Reapproved. (:

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Nu's Advancements Empty Re: Nu's Advancements

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