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The only Prime

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The only Prime

Post by Guest on Sun Mar 18, 2012 6:54 am

Real Name:Drake Vision
Super Hero/Villain/Renegade/etc Name:Doctor Prime
Title: The Doctor, The Manipulator
Hair:Dark Brown

Costume Description/Image:

Personality: Prime's personality has many features and aspects to it, if somebody was every to really get to know him. He is very self-righteous and believes that the powers he was given, were given to him to judge man either innocent or guilty. He also have a sly side to him, he knows how to say words that play on the emotions of others for his gain. Prime is sometimes an impatient individual, when things are going to slowly he becomes very annoyed and wants to move things along quickly to go his way.

History: Drake had an easy life as a child, but his parents pushed him to be the very best in everything that he did. From elementary school days when he wanted to fit in with the other kids but he could not because his parents told him making friends would only be a distraction to him in life. Drake then went onto middle school. but before he could something happened during that summer. His parents sent him to a camp for kids who wanted advanced learning; the camp was everything but a camp. It was a research facility for creating mutants, and they used the advanced learning idea as a front for the camp. Drake was one of the test subjects and was given a random ability of powers chosen by the doctors. They selected energy blast, and a superhuman intellect for him. When Drake awoke the next morning he found himself sitting on the side of his bed angry at his parents for sending him here. When the so called camp was over Drake had began plotting when to kill his parents; he could not do it now because he was too young and it would look obvious. Drake trained his powers in secret from his parents and everybody else that knew him. Years later after finishing high school and training his powers well, Drake knew that it was time for him to do what he had been planning since he was young. It was the night before he was leaving for college and his parents were in there room sleeping peacefully. Drake walked in the room sticking to the shadows; his parents slept with a big mirror over them for obvious reasons. To make this look like an accident Drake stood on the chair and pulled the mirror down with enough force to make it look like it had fell. Drake shed no tears and left the room grabbing his things for college. Drake went to Harvard where he got his Doctorate in Psychology and Bachelors in Economics. After finishing school at Harvard, he then moved back to New York and began working at a Psychology office where he then became one of the top Doctors in New York.

Powers: Prime has the ability to fire purple energy blast from his hands. These blast generate large amounts of force and can be fired as fast as a bullet from a gun. But his power has a limited range of 200ft, outside of that the blast will just evaporate in the air. He has trained his powers enough to the point where they can be fired from anyone of his fingers on each hand. Prime also has a superhuman intellect, that allows him to see things that normal humans can not figure out on their own.

Power Grid: (You have 22 points to spend on your Power Grid unless you can fly, in which case you have 20. Each stat can start at 6, not 7. 7 must be earned.)

Power Grid colours:Purple and Silver.

Character Image/Description:

Roleplay Sample: (If new or new character)

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Re: The only Prime

Post by Illya on Sun Mar 18, 2012 1:00 pm

No knocking down buildings


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Re: The only Prime

Post by Guest on Sun Mar 18, 2012 4:24 pm



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Re: The only Prime

Post by Illya on Sun Mar 18, 2012 8:19 pm

Approved until stated otherwise


Fetish King


Number of posts: 259
Location: The darkest corner with the best view
Age: 20
Humor: I am smiling
Registration date: 2011-03-07

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