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Cyber knight

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INV ONLY Cyber knight

Post by Cerek on April 20th 2017, 4:18 am


The top floor of the new Howsten skyscraper explodes in fiery roar raining down flaming debris and glass shards down over the Thames and partially  on land. Cebra goes flying out of the building along with the debris on fire himself, he plummets quickly with no means to stop and the hard ground closing fast. His body looks beaten, cut up and burned but he's still conscious and wary of the situation. Cyco subconsciously nudges his attention to the metallic polls stretching out from the building holding flags.


He reaches out as he's falling  and manages to touch a poll, the energy transfer from him to the poll is large and instant. The poll partially melts like a stringy stretching goo grabbing out to hold Cebra, it wraps around his waist and slowly stops him from falling stretching to ease the speed rather than a sudden stop. When Cebra reaches the bottom he see's the area is already vacant so he can be reasonably sure no one got hurt. Cebra slowly climbs to his feet cringing a bit due to the temporary pain, he faces the doorway of the Howsten building with a deadly stare.


Cebra says with some feigned bravado. A moment later from the entrance emerges a grotesque sight. Towering easily eight feet with disproportionate though massive musculature is some manner of reptilian mutant with cybernetic enhanced exoskeleton. Cebra stands up straight gritting his teeth and grabs a nearby car melting and changing it's structure into a suit of lightweight graphene armour around him. The creature roars out loud some otherworldly cry high pitched and shrill, setting off car alarms and stunning Cebra for a moment.

"Why you dirty little! I'm going to rip your vocal cords out!"

The creature charges at cebra with remarkable speed swinging it's  massive arm narrowly missing Cebra as he jumps up climbing a light poll with ease. Cebra jumps down on the creature attempting to get on it's back but is instead knocked away hard by it's huge tail. Cebra quickly recovers bouncing to his feet even feeling a bit of relief from the earlier burns and cuts. The creature turns around and attacks Cebra swinging it's claws repeatedly at his head, Cebra manages to keep up dodging his attacks. A couple unexpectedly walks near by far enough from the danger but close enough to see the action.

"Oh my God what is that like?"

"Is that some kinda movie bein filmed"

"Must be, look how fake that monster looks"

"Who's the pale bloke supposed to be? Never seen that actor before... Did they blow up the Howsten building?!"

The mutant notices the couple looking at them as does Cebra, the mutant looks at Cebra and back to the couple as if deciding who to attack.

"Dont you dare! You face me you ugly bastard!"

The creature tries to kick Cebra but he manages to duck low then jump and uppercut the mutant. The hit has a minimal effect as the mutant grabs Cebra by the head holding him up and punches him hard thrice. He throws Cebra into a stone wall cracking it and dazing Cebra. The creature then turns to the couple still watching, he growls deep as he prepares to charge the innocent clueless couple

Quote : "Humans are comprised of whiny, entitled, arrogant, fat, ugly usurpers and I will be damned before I care what they think" -Cebra Ulkenne

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INV ONLY Re: Cyber knight

Post by Bliss on April 25th 2017, 11:31 pm

Bliss put her feet up on the dashboard next to Ashley. The black leather of her boots caught the reflection of the sun as it dipped between the buildings. "The only thing that building is good for is keeping the sun out of my eyes."

"Stop." Ashley put a bottle of water to her lips, letting her wavy, brown frame her face.

"Just saying. It was build by a moron, run by his dumbass daughter, and-"

"Stop." Both of Ashley's feet met up on the dashboard. "She's just a good negotiator and- what was that?" A deep crash rang out through the street, shaking the car.

"I would say karma, but we're not that lucky, probably more like-" A piece of debris flew up, hitting the side of the car. Bliss looked over to Ashley with gritting scowl. "I don't care. Car insurance on a rental is still a scam."

Bliss opened the door and stepped into the street, brushing out her green skirt and pulling up the hood on her black jacket. "I'll be back."

"I'll back you up." Ashley took out her phone, ready to call in some help before taking Bliss' back.

The shade of the buildings covered Bliss enough to keep the sun off of her. Ice built up around her fingertips. Then, it built up in front of the two civilians. If the mutant rushed the two streetgoers, Bliss would keep the shield up as a solid defense until it stopped the momentum of the beast. Once its momentum came to a stop, Bliss would detonate the wall in the direction of the creature. "I just lost my chill."


Bliss Force



Quote : I'm pretty much the Captain Kirk of this place when I'm not too busy being the Han Solo.

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INV ONLY Re: Cyber knight

Post by Cerek Yesterday at 3:02 am

The massive beast charges at full speed snarling and bearing it's teeth at the couple. The stomping of the rather fast for his size creature shook the ground startling the couple.

"I... I don't think this is a movie babe!"

The couple start to scream in a panic as the beast closes in not even noticing the ice forming near them. The creature goes for a swing at them, he's instantly repelled by the ice barrier with a look of confusion on his face. Now in a rage the creature starts to beat on the ice shield with all it's might shaking the barrier violently. Cebra slowly crawls to his feet shaking off the nasty hit he got as the nanobots pop his dislocated shoulder back in.

"For shit sake, did anyone get the licence plate of that tank?"

He says to himself finally regaining his focus. Cebra spots the creature not to far swinging away wildly on some kind of ice barrier. Confused as to what the hell was happening but still relieved he see's another young woman standing near the couple unafraid of the monster. From the looks of it she was the one creating that barrier.

"Who the hell? Doesn't matter, job to do"

Cebra quickly molds a spear out of a street light and throws it with all his strength at the creature striking it's shoulder and piercing it. It let's out a shrill screech and pulls the spear out turning to growl at Cebra. The couple gets up and uses the distraction to run away, now the creature was caught between Cebra and this newcomer with her ice barrier. It was gonna get ugly fast.

Quote : "Humans are comprised of whiny, entitled, arrogant, fat, ugly usurpers and I will be damned before I care what they think" -Cebra Ulkenne

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Warnings : 0 Warnings
Number of posts : 63
Humor : dark
Registration date : 2017-03-20
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INV ONLY Re: Cyber knight

Post by Sponsored content

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